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Can You Use CBD Oil as a Muscle Balm on Your Skin?

Cannabidiol products are soaring in popularity. If you’ve recently added oral CBD products to your wellness routine, you may wonder how else you can put CBD to use. 

Are CBD products good for sore muscles? Do you need to buy a topical CBD product like a cream or lotion, or can you just use the CBD oil you already have? 

We’ll explore these questions — and their answers — in this guide.

Why Are Your Muscles Sore?

People looking for muscle balms or muscle rubs do so for one reason. Sore muscles. 

Everyone suffers from muscle aches sometimes, and the most common reasons include vigorous workouts, overusing certain muscles over the course of your normal day, and stress. Sore muscles can be distracting in all of these cases, and they may even make it hard to sleep. The source of your aches is clear, however, and you can be reasonably sure nothing more serious is going on. 

A nice muscle balm or rub, accompanied by a good massage, can help out in these cases. 

People who frequently suffer from muscle pain and don’t know why should, on the other hand, check in with their GP. Sore muscles can also result from more serious conditions, including fibromyalgia, arthritis, sprains, and Covid-19. 

You know your situation best — but please don’t hesitate to seek medical attention if you think your sore muscles could have a more serious cause. 

Can Topical CBD Products Help with Sore Muscles?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive and non-addictive compound extracted from Cannabis sativa plants — usually industrial hemp. The CBD products available over the counter in the UK cannot have a tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content of more than 0.02 per cent, so they won’t get you high. 

Research suggests that many people who use CBD products do so with the aim of supporting their overall health and wellbeing. Could CBD also help with sore muscles?

While research remains ongoing, CBD has been found to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, it’s possible that topically-applied CBD products may play a role in alleviating sore muscles caused by overexertion — such as after a long workout. 

Topical CBD skincare products like CBD creams and lotions are already available on the market. In addition to containing cannabidiol, these products offer the same benefits as other creams and lotions. Creams and lotions have a hydrating effect that can feel pleasant after a workout. They can also act as excellent substitutes for massage oils in combination with a lovely post-workout massage.

Consumers might also find it interesting that the endocannabinoid system, on which CBD has an effect, is a vast system that stretches across much of the human body. Endocannabinoid receptors are present in the skin — the largest organ we have. As such, applying topical CBD products may have a localized effect that differs from taking CBD orally. 

Can You Use CBD Oil as a Muscle Balm or Rub?

Did you hit the gym yesterday, and are you feeling sore? Have you had a long, stressful day at work, and did the tension go right to your muscles? 

If you have already incorporated CBD oil into your wellness routine, you probably have a bottle in your fridge or another cool and dark place. You may be wondering if you can use your CBD oil as a muscle rub, or if it would be better to invest in a different product. 

Whether your CBD oil is full-spectrum or broad-spectrum, your cannabidiol is dissolved in a carrier oil like MCT oil, hemp seed oil, or olive oil. Their fatty and hydrating properties can definitely play a role in hydrating sore muscles — especially when combined with a good massage. 

However, proper dosing demands that you don’t use more than a few drops. Those won’t go very far!

If you want a good CBD-infused muscle rub to lubricate a massage with, you’re better off with dedicated topical CBD products like creams, lotions, and muscle balms. They’re not hard to find on the market. 

Did you want a faster solution and don’t have time to wait for newly-ordered CBD products to arrive? Or do you prefer to go the DIY route? In that case, you can add a drop or two of CBD oil to any cream, lotion, massage oil, or olive oil you already have. 

It’s best to mix your homemade skincare product in a little container and store it like you would store your CBD oil — in a cool and dark place.

Combine CBD Oil with Massage Therapy for Maximum Benefit

Many people continue to think of massages as nothing more than a decadent way to relax. However, research has shown that massage therapy can help to relax sore muscles, tendons, and joints. That’s true even for many people suffering from chronic pain, and a good massage can certainly help you recover from an overzealous approach to working out. 

Slathering some muscle balm on your skin may feel nice, but a good massage is unquestionably superior to some skincare products! Why not book yourself in for a sports massage, or ask your partner to run your sore back?

Adding a drop or two of CBD oil to a commercial or homemade massage oil is one of many ways to add cannabidiol to your routine — and it can be very satisfying to receive a massage.

Can You Use CBD Oil on Your Sore Muscles?

CBD oil is arguably the most versatile cannabidiol product on the market. You can use it sublingually, by holding it under the tongue for 60 to 90 seconds and then swallowing it. You can add CBD oil to your kitchen by incorporating it into salad dressings, sauces, dips, or smoothies. You can also add a few drops of CBD oil to any skincare product and use it for massage therapy. 

However, neat CBD oil has definite limitations — you don’t want to exceed your desired dose, but a drop or two won’t get you very far. 

People looking for a commercially-available CBD-infused massage oil don’t have to look very far, but those hoping to use the CBD oil they already have should not use it “neat”. Instead, add your desired dose to creams, lotions, or oils you already have.

Don’t have any skincare products lying around? No problem. Olive oil makes for a great massage oil, too. You can add CBD oil and some essential oils for additional aroma and ask your partner or massage therapist to massage the aches away.



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