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CBD & Journaling: Boost Mental Health with a Writing Routine

There’s no question that truth is stranger than fiction. Are you writing about your truth yet?

If you don’t journal, you have some compelling reasons to try it. Ninety per cent of doctors agree that self-care is essential for good mental health, and journaling can help you release stress and find a more positive outlook. In addition, creating a personal wellness ritual where journaling plays a central role gives you some much-needed time to devote to your health and wellbeing.

Discover how journaling can improve your mental health in this guide. We’ll share some of the best journaling techniques — and let you in on our relaxing writing routine that incorporates CBD products. 

Armed with writing tips, you’ll be ready to create your own health-boosting journaling ritual in no time!

The Power of Journaling: Why Writing Improves Your Mental Health

We’re all human, so we all experience stress. Many of us also face deeper challenges, including trauma, bereavement, and mental illness. 

Guess what else we all have in common? People are inherently creative, and we long to express ourselves — hoping to understand and to be understood. 

Journaling can play an important role in processing your emotions, thereby acting as a potent form of stress relief. Keeping a journal can help you find inner peace and achieve a more positive mindset that keeps you moving forward. 

Why is that, you ask? A writing routine could boost your wellbeing in a few different ways, actually:

  • Establishing a daily journaling ritual gets you in the habit of spending time on self-care — a key to good mental health. 
  • Journaling can free you from unwanted worries by giving you time to process your stressors and create a narrative about them.
  • Creativity feels good. As you get into the flow of writing, you may lose your inhibitions and unleash your artistic self. (Remember, nobody else needs to see what you write!)

Tips for Starting a Journaling Routine that Enhances Wellbeing

Interested in trying journaling? If it’s not your first time, you may think you’ll abandon the practice  soon after starting it. Unlocking the mental health benefits of journaling requires you to stick with it, though. Here’s how. 

1. Set Aside Time for Journaling

Try setting aside at least 30 minutes a day for your journaling practice — and be as specific as you can. 

Some people like to journal in the morning, soon after they wake up. These “morning pages” can change your day by helping you process any dreams you may remember and getting you into a positive mindset. 

Others prefer to end their days with a writing routine. If that sounds good, you can create a relaxing ritual that includes a bath, your favourite CBD products, and a nice cup of tea. You can use a nightly writing routine to reflect on your day and release your thoughts. 

2. Create a Relaxing Environment for Your Writing Routine

Journaling won’t be a personal growth experience if your kids or smartphone notifications constantly interrupt you. Decide that your daily journaling experience is your “me-time”, and keep distractions at bay. 

You can create a physical environment conducive to creativity and wellbeing by lighting candles, burning incense, and playing calming music. You may also want to change into loose, comfortable clothes, especially if you have decided on a nightly journaling ritual. 

Some people have an enhanced experience if they invest in quality notebooks and excellent pens. (In case it wasn’t clear, we encourage writing longhand and staying away from screens!)

3. Decide Which Journaling Techniques to Use

Journaling can lift your mood, relieve stress, and even help you sleep better. The American Psychological Association warns that not all types of journaling are equally beneficial, though!

You don’t want to ruminate about your darkest thoughts in longhand — venting and whining aren’t good ways to deal with stress on their own. Instead, you want to process your emotions and experiences as fully as possible and reframe negative thoughts to progress in your personal growth journey.

Some of the best journaling techniques include:

  • Keeping a gratitude journal. Write down everything that went well that day, and everything you feel grateful for.
  • Using positive affirmations. Write your goals and dreams down as if they are already a reality. 
  • Positive reframing. Write down negative thoughts, but then see how you could look at them differently, as well. Try to do so through a compassionate lens. Love yourself, and love others. 
  • Change things up. Try some creative writing prompts to explore your personal values and goals, or write letters to people in your life you have something to say to. (You don’t have to send them!) If your current journaling routine isn’t helping you, take things in a different direction. 

How to Incorporate CBD Products Into Your Journaling Routine

As cannabidiol products continue to rise in popularity, more and more people add CBD to their personal wellness routines. CBD is a non-psychoactive, non-addictive cannabinoid extracted from industrial hemp or marijuana plants. Authorised CBD products with a THC content of 0.02 per cent or less are legal and available over the counter in the UK. 

Scientists are still learning about CBD’s potential benefits and risks, so it is important to know that CBD shouldn’t be used to cure or prevent any specific illness. However, many consumers enjoy using cannabidiol for their general health and wellbeing. 

If you are interested in adding CBD to a relaxing writing routine, you have a range of different options:

  • CBD oil. This popular CBD product comes in glass bottles, with a dropper that allows you to measure your desired dose. Simply hold your CBD oil under your tongue for around 60 seconds. Swallow it, and wait for the desired effect. 
  • CBD gummies. Cannabidiol-infused gummies and other CBD edibles are convenient and tasty. 
  • CBD vape pens and vape liquids. Vapers might enjoy consuming cannabidiol in a familiar form that’s easy to use. 
  • CBD capsules. These pre-dosed capsules are not just convenient but also very portable. 

To add CBD products to your journaling routine, simply enjoy your chosen form of cannabidiol before you sit down to write in a soothing and relaxing environment. CBD oil is a fast-acting type of CBD when you use it sublingually, while gummies and capsules take a while longer to lead to the desired effect. 

Journaling for Better Mental Health: A Final Word

Don’t underestimate the power of journaling before you try it — and commit to a daily routine to reap the full mental health benefits. 

Set time aside to journal every day, and decide which journaling techniques you want to try. You can’t go wrong with a gratitude journal if you want to invite positivity into your life. If you want to process difficult thoughts, remember to reframe them more optimistically way, too. 

Journaling is a habit. Remember that you’re more likely to stick with this practice if you establish a routine. You may decide to play calming music, use CBD products, and light some candles to help with this. 

With time, journaling can become a helpful self-care practice you can count on to help you through tough times. 



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