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The Great Outdoors & CBD: The Benefits of Nature Therapy

Even all the kids on the internet are eager to tell you to “touch grass”. 

When’s the last time you did that — really did that? 

Most of us call a concrete jungle home these days, but there’s no denying it: we’re wired to be one with the Earth. 

You don’t need a specific excuse to get out there, but you might have some. Stress, existential boredom, a sedentary lifestyle, and poor sleep are all good reasons to start spending more time in nature. 

Some might even say it’s therapy. 

We’ll cover why spending time in nature is so important and what you can do to enjoy a peaceful and meaningful experience. If you already incorporate CBD products in your health and wellness routine, you can also take them outside. This guide will show you how.

Why Reconnecting with Nature Is So Vital for Your Health

Spending time in nature may be the last thing you want to do. A nice cup of coffee and the TV are waiting for you at home, after all, and trekking through the mud may sound less appealing than staying put. 

Whether you’re feeling under the weather or simply know you can do better, there are plenty of reasons to engage in your own version of nature therapy. Still need convincing? Read on.

1. Spending Time Outdoors Helps You Sleep Better

Spending time outdoors, and exposing yourself to direct sunlight, contributes to the optimal functioning of your circadian rhythm. This internal body clock controls your sleep/wake cycle. 

Anyone who has been having trouble sleeping, or suffers from insomnia, could benefit from improvements in this area! Nature therapy during the day helps you sleep better at night — by making you more tired at the right time and making it easier to nod off. Restorative sleep is one of the keys to good mental and physical health. 

2. Heeding Nature’s Call Improves Your Mood and Wellbeing

Spending time outdoors — not on your local high street, but somewhere with trees, plants, and animals — also improves your mental health. 

According to the American Psychological Association, nature therapy reduces stress, boosts your mood, and increases your ability to concentrate. Research further shows that we tend to be kinder and more compassionate when we spend time in nature.

Best of all? Spending time in the great outdoors regularly could make you a happier person overall. 

3. Nature Therapy Motivates You to Exercise

Are you short on time? You could follow along with an aerobics video or spend some time working the machines at the gym. Research shows that green environments are the best places to get some exercise, though!

People who walk outside do so faster and more intensively than those who use treadmills. Despite that, they report feeling more refreshed and less tired. If you’re feeling demotivated, nature therapy could be the perfect way to find the will to get your body moving.

Ideas for ‘Nature Therapy’: Making the Most of Your Time in the Great Outdoors

Has it been ages since you reconnected with nature? The American Psychological Association speculates that we subconsciously crave time in the great outdoors because that’s where we originally evolved. 

You have plenty of opportunities to get out there, even if you live in an urban environment — any place with greenery will do the trick:

  • Head for a local park during your lunch break
  • Spend some time hiking a nature trail during weekends
  • Go camping — the wilder, the better
  • Explore water sports, fishing, or walking by the sea

If you can’t do any of those things right now, studies reveal that even “taking the outside in” can be beneficial. Adding some houseplants or images of natural environments can boost your mood at work or at home. Those things don’t, on the other hand, offer the benefit of fresh air or direct sunlight. 

Are you ready to get out there? Here are some ideas for nature therapy activities. 

1. Go for a Walk Outdoors

Going for a walk is easy and obvious. It’s what you do in nature if you can’t think of anything else. A brisk walk contributes to your physical fitness levels and offers you the benefits of nature, whether you’re at the park or in the woods. 

2. Meditate or Practice Yoga in Nature

You could also take your regular wellness routine outside. Do you normally meditate in the evening or do yoga exercises in the morning? As long as the weather is nice, you could do that outside, too. 

Your meditation might be more effective when you’re outdoors, so you’ll hit two birds with one stone. If you normally use CBD products before you meditate, you can keep doing that when you take your wellness practices to nature.

3. Nature Photography or Drawing

Creative people might enjoy taking pictures of the beautiful things they see outdoors, or sitting down to draw a nature scene. Take a comfy blanket and your photography equipment or drawing supplies — and enjoy yourself. 

CBD products can be an enjoyable addition to an artistic nature experience, and you might like to bring some small snacks and a few drinks along, too. 

3. Camping Outdoors

A weekend nature trip offers an amazing opportunity to unplug from the daily grind. Camping requires some additional planning, but it allows you to see parts of the country you might never have experienced before.

4. A Day at the Beach

Many people think of trees when they imagine “nature,” but water has calming effects, too. No matter where in the UK you are, it’s easy to hop on a train and find yourself walking on the beach and collecting interesting pebbles within a few hours. These “blue spaces” are associated with improved general health.

How to Incorporate CBD Products Into Your Nature Therapy Practices

More and more UK adults are curious about cannabidiol products. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in Cannabis sativa plants, including industrial hemp. CBD products are legal and available over the counter in Britain, and you have an impressive range of different options, including:

  • CBD oil, deposited under the tongue
  • CBD gummies, eaten like normal sweets
  • CBD capsules, swallowed with some water
  • CBD vape pens and vape liquids

While CBD research into the potential benefits and side effects of CBD products is still ongoing, many people use CBD products as an addition to their wellness routines, with the aim of improving general health and wellbeing. 

This routine could be a relaxing addition to your time in nature. CBD consumers planning to use CBD while spending time outdoors may prefer to opt for portable versions like CBD vape pens and gummies. 

In Conclusion: How Spending Time in Nature Can Help You Reconnect with Yourself

If you’re feeling disconnected from the wider world or simply want to improve your mood and get some exercise, spending time outdoors can be a great way to reconnect with yourself. 

Research reveals that people who spend at least 120 minutes a week in nature experience the biggest benefits. That’s true whether they opt for numerous short walks in the park or one long weekend in the great outdoors.

People who haven’t spent much time in nature recently may need a while to get used to the practice. They may feel bored before discovering the mental and physical health benefits the natural world has to offer. Our advice? Stick with it, anyway. 

We all have an inherent drive to be one with the wider world, and unplugging yourself from your modern environment is a wonderful place to start.



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