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The Secret to a Relaxing Home: Tips for Improved Wellbeing

Are you chronically R&R-deprived? One small positive thought in the morning might be able to change your whole day, but creating a dedicated relaxation space at home can transform your life. 

Designing your personal oasis of calm and peace isn’t easy — but it’s worth it. 

This guide covers:

  • How to create a “relaxation corner” or room in your home.
  • Science-backed tips for relaxing activities to include in your wellness routine. 
  • How to incorporate CBD products in your relaxing routine.

One size never fits all, so you can expect lots of tips to pick and choose from!

How to Create a Relaxing Space at Home (Step-by-Step)

We all experience stress. Most of us also manage to find healthy ways to cope. Research shows that a calm, clutter-free environment where you truly feel at home can play an important role in relieving stress. People who see their homes as restorative and peaceful are more likely to report that they feel happy.

That’s partly because visual clutter creates mental clutter — and partly because cleaning, tidying, and organising can be soothing activities in their own right.

You might want your whole home to be a safe haven. If you’re planning to create a relaxing routine that includes calming practices like meditation, yoga, reading, colouring, or knitting, though, setting aside a special area can be helpful. This personal wellness space can give you something to look forward to every day and remind you to focus on self-care.

Here are some tips to get you started. 

1. Decide Where to Put Your Personal Wellness Spot

It’s nice if you have a spare room you can fully dedicate to wellness, but not everyone has that luxury. A corner of the living room or bedroom can also work perfectly. 

2. Create a Mood Board

Don’t just run out to the shops or start browsing ecommerce sites to order a bunch of decorations to spruce your space up! If you want to be intentional about your relaxing space, make a mood board first. Collect colours, pictures, and calming décor ideas and consider which elements work well in combination. 

3. Decide What to Include in Your Wellness Spot

A relaxing couch, a soft, cosy rug, ambient lighting with dimmers, an incense burner, a print or poster of a calming nature scene or an inspiring quote, and personal wellness supplies might all have a place in your relaxing area. If you plan to add CBD oil, capsules, vape pens, or gummies to your wellness routine, adding a small and beautiful storage area for your CBD supplies can be helpful.

Developing a Relaxing Routine for Improved Wellbeing

Routines have a calming effect — they make your day predictable and give you something to look forward to. People hoping to create a relaxing routine at home have plenty of options. (Which is good because not everyone relaxes in the same way!) You may want to keep your routine the same every day, or you might want to change things up a little. 

All of these relaxing activities pair well with CBD products and help you achieve a calm, accepting mindset.

1. Breathing Exercises

All sorts of different breathing exercises exist, but you don’t need to master complex techniques to benefit from intentional breathing. 

One common breathing exercise for relaxation simply involves:

  • Sitting upright, with a straight back.
  • Inhaling slowly, deeply, and intentionally through your nose— “into your abdomen”. (Your belly should be moving as you breathe.)
  • Exhaling slowly through your mouth. Imagine that you’re a gradually-deflating balloon, and allow your breath to leave your lungs slowly. 
  • Count to five while inhaling and exhaling if your mind is still racing. Keep going for at least five minutes!

2. Mindfulness Colouring

You could also opt to engage in mindfulness colouring. Mindfulness is a set of practices that aims to help you be fully present in the moment — without judging your thoughts or problem-solving. Mindfulness meditation can be quite tricky to master, but mindfulness colouring is an accessible technique anyone can try. 

You can invest in a set of nice pencils and quality paper and then create doodles or circles. Adult colouring books are another very popular choice. Mindfulness calls for people to be aware of their physical sensations, including smells and the feeling of holding a pencil while colouring.

3. Guided Meditation

Meditation “noobs” may not have a clue where to start — yet, this practice has been shown to improve wellbeing and promote relaxation time and time again. Choosing a guided meditation is a great way to start. It’s not difficult to find guided meditations on YouTube or podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts.

4. Listening to Relaxing Music

Simply listening to music and not doing anything else is another good way to relax. Of course, relaxing music can also be combined with reading, yoga, CBD vape pens that give you something to do with your hands, or breathing exercises.

5. Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation is a wonderful technique for people whose mental stress has translated to physical aches and pains. Progressive muscle relaxation can ease back and neck pain and help you get a good night’s sleep.

Lay on the floor (on a comfy rug) or in bed. You can choose to start at your head or your feet — either way, you make your way to the other end of your body. Tense each muscle, hold it for a few seconds, and let go. Feel yourself relax, and try to let your muscles go completely limp. 

By the time you’re done, you should feel much more relaxed.

6. Yoga

Yoga techniques are harder to master at home. If you don’t already know basic yoga techniques, YouTube videos or online courses can help. This ancient spiritual discipline has been shown to help improve wellbeing and feelings of calm in numerous different studies. It can also improve muscle tone and flexibility.

Adding CBD Products to Your Relaxing Wellness Routine: What Do You Need to Know?

Public interest in cannabidiol, better known simply as CBD, has steadily been rising over the last few years. CBD is a non-intoxicating, non-psychoactive component of hemp. 

Available over the counter, CBD products either contain trace amounts of THC (in the case of full- and broad-spectrum CBD) or no THC at all (as with CBD isolates). That means CBD won’t get you high. While CBD products shouldn’t be used to cure or prevent any specific medical condition, people who add CBD products to their wellness routines typically do so with stress relief and relaxation in mind.

If you’re curious about trying CBD products, you have lots of choices — each of which can play a different role in your wellness routine. Let’s take a look!

Adding CBD Gummies to Your Wellness Routine

CBD gummies are sweets that contain cannabidiol. Many people prefer to opt for CBD gummies made with CBD isolate to ensure they don’t ingest THC. The fact that CBD gummies come pre-dosed makes them a great choice for people who don’t want to worry about measuring the correct dosage. 

Incorporating CBD Oil in Your Relaxing Ritual

CBD oil remains one of the most famous cannabidiol products. It comes in a bottle with a dropper and requires users to measure the correct dose before holding it under the tongue for a minute to 90 seconds. The effects of CBD oil, when used sublingually, kick in faster. Some people may also appreciate the ritual of measuring the dose out and holding CBD oil under their tongue. 

Using CBD Capsules as a Wellness Supplement

CBD capsules are long-acting cannabidiol products. While the desired effect takes longer to show up compared to CBD gummies, cannabidiol capsules are easy to swallow with a little water. Some people take CBD capsules with them for “on the go,” but there’s no reason not to choose this delivery method to create a relaxing routine at home.

Choosing CBD Vape Pens for Your Relaxing Routine

People who vape may prefer to opt for CBD vape pens. If you prefer to have something to fidget with, or you prefer an active process that takes longer, vaping CBD can be an excellent accompaniment to a relaxing routine of listening to music or meditating.

Other Options for Adding CBD to Your Wellness Routine

If taking a relaxing bath has long been a part of your relaxing ritual to relieve stress, you might be interested to hear that a variety of CBD bath products, including bath bombs, bath salts, and shampoos, are also on the market. 

A relaxing bath can, of course, be followed by moisturising creams — some of which also contain cannabidiol. 

Relaxing with a Personal Wellness Routine: Some Final Words

Let’s face it — nearly everyone would benefit from taking more time out of this fast-paced world to relax at home. 

Sitting down in your cluttered living room to read a book while your phone is beeping in the background and the TV is blaring probably won’t cut it. You have to be intentional about your wellness routine to relax fully. 

You can create a peaceful daily ritual by:

  • Setting a room, or a little nook or cranny in another room, aside as a personal wellness oasis. Decorate it in calming colours, with extra touches like candles and soft rugs.
  • Establishing a list of relaxing activities to engage in. They can include CBD products, yoga, breathing exercises, mindfulness colouring, or listening to calming music.
  • Really making a habit out of your relaxing routine by giving yourself time to devote to your wellbeing every day.

We hope these tips have inspired you to create a more peaceful and relaxing home environment where you can create a daily routine that helps you relieve stress and feel at ease with yourself.



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