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Using CBD and Mindfulness Practices in Your Wellness Routine

Do you have too much on your plate, and do you feel like you barely have any time to enjoy yourself? Are you stuck in a rut, desperate to escape? 

You’re not alone. 

Everyone gets stressed sometimes, but plenty of UK adults say they “frequently” suffer from stress. Work, finances, family, health, and relationships are the most common culprits. Instead of taking action, many Britons keep grinding away, putting themselves last. Don’t be one of them!

Self-care is one of the foundations of good mental health, and creating a personal wellness routine can help. Ours centres around mindfulness practices that bring you back to the present (and keep you from ruminating) and incorporates CBD products for general health and relaxation.

How Stress Can Ruin Your Life — and Why It’s Time to Take Back Control

Everyone gets stressed from time to time. It’s what happens when you have too much going on in your life or you’re facing daunting tasks, but you’re not sure how to cope. 

Particularly stressful periods can last for months, and can cause a range of physical and emotional problems:

  • Emotionally, you may feel angry, irritated, indecisive, worried, anxious, and have trouble concentrating. 
  • Physically, you may have an upset stomach, headaches, and non-specific aches and pains.

These symptoms can be warning signs that it’s time to take action. You could probably use a holiday, but you can at least carve out an hour or so for a wellness routine in the evening. 

Think you don’t have time? Think again. You can use the time you spend watching TV, browsing the internet, or stressing about tomorrow on a relaxing wellness routine that helps you centre your thoughts to find a better balance.

You’ll be able to find 30 minutes to spend on self-care no matter how busy you are — if you decide to prioritise your wellbeing. You deserve it!

Designing a Wellness Routine That Works

A personal wellness routine is a daily ritual focussing on self-care — so you can show up for everyone else and feel good doing it. Your wellness routine shouldn’t make you feel more stressed, so make sure to be realistic about scheduling some quality me-time. 

An effective wellness routine incorporates proven stress-relief techniques that you can actively enjoy. 

Your wellness routine should ideally include:

  • Some form of exercise or physical activity. Pick an activity you love and can stick to, whether that’s walking to work, going for a jog in the early evening, playing football, or hitting the gym a few times a week. Exercise won’t stop stress in its tracks, but it can give you a new perspective. 
  • Connecting with others. Getting together with people who matter to you can shift your focus and relieve stress.
  • Something to get the mind going. Intellectual curiosity plays a massive part in our wellbeing, and if you haven’t done anything new or challenging in a while, now’s the time to start. 
  • Gratitude. Thinking about the things you appreciate can help you refocus without denying that you’re stressed. 
  • Time to yourself. Solitude and relaxation recharge those run-down batteries and help you see everything in a more positive light.

Our relaxing wellness routine, which is best practised in the evening, can help you with the last part. 

How to Introduce CBD Products to Your Relaxing Wellness Routine

It’s no secret that there’s growing interest in cannabidiol (CBD) products in the UK and across the world. This non-psychoactive cannabinoid is derived from hemp, but it won’t get you high and is available without a prescription. 

Research published in 2021 suggests that most UK adults who use CBD products incorporate  cannabidiol into their self-care routines to reduce anxiety and stress and improve their general wellbeing. While CBD shouldn’t be used to cure or prevent any specific illnesses, it can play a relaxing role in an evening routine focused on self-care.

Some people specifically incorporate CBD products into mindfulness practices. Mindfulness practices, including meditation, can reduce stress and anxiety while improving sleep quality. 

You have plenty of options if you’re interested in adding high-quality CBD products to your wellness routine, including:

  • CBD gummies. CBD gummies are a popular choice because they’re tasty and easy to use. Each gummy has a specific dose (usually 25 mg). The fact that these sweets are portable is another big bonus!
  • CBD oil. CBD oil is unquestionably the most well-known cannabidiol product. This CBD product comes in a bottle with a dripper, and users measure their desired dose before holding the oil under their tongues for 60 to 90 seconds. 
  • CBD capsules. This CBD product is long-acting and takes a little longer to kick in. CBD capsules are convenient to use and can mark the beginning of a meditation routine.
  • CBD vape pens. Vapers may prefer to enjoy their CBD this way, and vaping doesn’t have to get in the way of meditation.

People who are curious about incorporating CBD products into their wellness routines should start with the lowest possible dose to achieve the desired effect and gradually increase the dosage over time if they so choose.

Are you interested in adding CBD to your mindfulness practices? You might want to take your chosen CBD product before you meditate and wait until you notice the desired effect.

How Mindfulness Practices Can Help You Stay Present in the Moment

Mindfulness is a set of practices — or a technique, if you prefer — that helps you stay fully present in the moment without any distractions. Mindfulness makes you aware of your thoughts in a non-judgmental way.

The underlying thought? Our thoughts shape our experience of life, but trying to banish unpleasant thoughts is often counter-effective. Being aware of our thoughts, and accepting them, can paradoxically help us let go of them. This process, in turn, frees us up to have a more positive experience. 

Does it work, you wonder? While research is always ongoing, several studies published in the last few years show that people who practice mindfulness have lower subjective stress and anxiety levels. Mindfulness may improve your sleep quality, and it can also help you let go of work-related stress.

If you want mindfulness to work for you, you do have to be open to embracing its concepts. Fortunately, the ideas behind mindfulness are quite simple. There are multiple ways to go about practising mindfulness, but we’ll keep it accessible for now. 

You could start by setting aside an hour of your time each evening. Use your chosen CBD product if you want, sit down in a comfortable, relaxing room, and sit with your thoughts. Then, pick the mindfulness practice that appeals most to you in the present moment. 

1. Mindfulness Meditation (for Beginners)

Sit quietly in a comfortable position. Try the lotus pose on the floor if you like, and play some calming music if you want to.

Focus on your breathing. You don’t need to be proficient at any particular breathing techniques to benefit from the calming effect. Just breathe slowly, deeply, and intentionally. 

Allow thoughts to come to you. Notice them. Don’t start thinking about ways to solve problems or worrying about how distressing your thoughts are. Simply allow them to be and observe them. “Oh, that’s what I’m thinking right now” is all it takes.

2. Mindfulness Colouring

Not everyone likes meditating. (Meditating is, in fact, quite hard!) If sitting with your thoughts doesn’t appeal to you, you could also try colouring. 

Mindfulness colouring is different from drawing in that you don’t aim to create a specific image. Instead, you allow your mind to portray your current mood, using the colours you think best represent it. Some people use adult colouring books featuring mandalas, birds, or nature scenes for this practice.

Notice the calming motions of the pencils as they slide over the paper. Look at the pigments. Express yourself. 

3. Mindfulness Walking

People who prefer an even higher level of activity might like the thought of mindfulness walking. Keep in mind that this isn’t exercise in the traditional sense — and take it slow. Focus on feeling everything your body does as you walk. 

Walking on a treadmill is an option if you have one at home, but so is a leisurely walk through the neighbourhood. This exercise aims to get you in touch with your physical self, so allow yourself to feel everything about the experience. 

You might feel your legs moving and your shoes hugging your feet. You might feel the wind on your face or the pleasant late-afternoon sun on your scalp. You may hear birds chirping or people talking. Observe everything without judgment, and aim to be fully present in the moment.

How Mindfulness and CBD Can Help You Let Go

It’s easy to get lost in this fast-paced modern life. There’s always more to do — and there are always more emails to answer. Many of us simply forget to make self-care a priority, and that’s a shame. 

Setting time aside for a wellness routine sends your body and mind the message that you’re worth taking care of. A new habit of self-care that includes CBD products and mindfulness techniques might just be the start of a new chapter.

Your anxious thoughts don’t have to control you, but you do have to notice them. Denying their existence only makes them scream more loudly. Mindfulness can help you let go by paying attention, and while this process seems paradoxical, it also seems to work.



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