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Life can throw a lot at you, and it can take a toll on your physical and mental well-being. That’s why we believe in the power of CBD and its ability to bring balance to the human body. Our vision is to pave the way for a line of THC-free CBD wellness products that promote a healthy body and mind.

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Vibes CBD

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Vibes CBD is new to the market, but already proving very popular with UK consumers. If you haven’t tried them yet, we highly recommend you do.
Vibes CBD is new to the UK’s CBD market but has slowly and steadily been making progress toward increasing its presence. We have a feeling Vibes CBD will be winning several “best CBD oil UK” awards this year.
Daily Star
This is another small company that happens to be gaining traction quickly in the UK market. Vibes CBD makes sure the entire process of harvesting CBD is done in-house. This allows them to create a very high quality CBD oil product range.
My London
Although Vibes CBD’s line of products is very small (only CBD oil and CBD capsules), they are able to produce some of the most high-quality CBD products that you can get.
Bristol Post
Each of Vibes CBD’s products are only available in two strengths but the strengths they offer are effective for dosing and make for a good start for anyone's first time using CBD oil drops.
Cambridge News
From the start, Vibes CBD focuses on creating a great product for any consumer. Their crops are all non-GMO and raised without the use of chemical aids meaning you get a pure crop that will lead to a quality product.
Birmingham Mail

What is CBD?

CBD is the acronym for “Cannabidiol” – it’s one of the most beneficial active ingredients found in the hemp plant (also known as Cannabis sativa). Your mental state will remain untainted while using it, as it’s a non-psychoactive compound.


There are millions of UK consumers counting on CBD oil to get them through the day – with each person having their own reasons for using it.

Vibes CBD Oil UK

Is this legal?

Yes, Vibes CBD’s products are 100% legal for the UK market. None of the products we produce will exceed the maximum UK legal limit of THC allowed in CBD products (which is 0.2%), meaning you’re never going to deal with any psychoactive effects!


In order to meet the regulation criteria set by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), all of our products are made in a CBD isolate form (THC-free), making them completely legal for the UK market.

Vibes CBD Oil UK

Our promise

We obsess over creating the UK’s highest-quality CBD, using nothing but the best ingredients and extraction methods. We promise to offer our customers the very best in CBD-based products. We know how frustrating it can be to find a trustworthy and reliable CBD brand in the UK, but we’re here to change that with our CBD oilsCBD capsules and CBD gummies.


If you have any questions about CBD, please visit our knowledge base/FAQ or send us a message. Someone from our team will be in touch within a few hours (usually quicker!)

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Vibes CBD Oil UK
Vibes CBD Oil UK


Although some of you may think we’re “just another CBD oil company”, we have more power than you know! Even the smallest step towards our goal is a benefit in our eyes, which is why we’re striving to introduce CBD products into peoples’ lives. Experts have been researching organic supplements that come from plant extracts for years, and very few of them have proved to be as impactful as CBD oil itself.

Why Vibes CBD?

Premium quality hemp

The hemp we use is of the highest quality possible, as we source it from the United States and work with the farmers personally. Zero pesticides are used during our cultivation process. This means that the hemp remains untainted by toxic chemicals and solvents. With generations of horticultural experience, odds are you won’t find a better batch of hemp-based products elsewhere in the UK market.

CBD oil that tastes great

CBD oil naturally sports an earthy taste, which is something that uses have to grow accustomed to overtime. Thankfully, we’ve figured out how to solve that problem – and we're able to offer a "fruity mix" CBD oil that tastes great. We even take it a step further by mixing our blend with hemp seed oil to create an easy-to-consume CBD oil that’s smooth too.

Keeping customers happy

The quality of our CBD oil is bound to put a smile on your face, as finally finding the perfect wellness product is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. Our customers are happy to share their experiences with our CBD products, so don’t just take our word for it! It's our mission to provide accessible, high-quality CBD products at competitive and affordable prices.

Tested by third-party labs

All of our CBD products are tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure that both the quality and safety levels have met industry standards. This also gives our customers peace of mind, as you're able to check and understand exactly what you're consuming. We carry out lab tests frequently to ensure the consistency of our batches.

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Vibes CBD