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We take pride in what we make. Socially conscious and made from 100% natural hemp, Vibes CBD’s products are created using only the top-quality ingredients from Colorado. Every morning we wake up inspired to deliver meaningful experiences with our range of CBD products. Shop our award-winning CBD oil products below.

Questions before you buy?

What is CBD?

The hemp plant has been found to contain dozens of non-psychoactive cannabinoids, including Cannabidiol, or CBD. This non-toxic plant derived cannabinoid doesn't get you high - but studies and ongoing research have shown CBD can reduce pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, fatigue and gut issues as well as promote better sleep, feelings of joy, sports recovery, improved focus and more.

What are Cannabinoids?

While cannabinoids are still being investigated, the cannabis plant is known to produce over 100 types of cannabinoids, including CBD. Characterized by an ability to assist the cannabinoid receptors within the human body, cannabinoids is said to help with various health issues. Some of the better known phytocannabinoids are CBD, CBC, CBG, CBN, and THC.

How do I use CBD oil?

Our CBD oil products provide a variety of application methods. A sublingual dose may be administered beneath the tongue, by holding the dose in place for 30 to 60 seconds. Topical application simply requires applying the CBD oil directly to your skin, or mixed with a moisturizer of your choice before application. If you would prefer to ingest the oil, simply whip up your favorite smoothie recipe, and add the desired amount of drops before consuming. Each product arrives with a detailed set of directions, in order to better assist with usage.

Can CBD help with my condition?

In adherence to laws and regulations, Vibes CBD is unable to make claims in regard to whether CBD oil extracts are capable of helping with specific ailments or conditions. However, we urge each of our customers to spend time researching the vast amount of CBD-related information available online.

How is your hemp grown?

Thanks to our commitment and relationship with our partner farms, we are able to remain committed to the cultivation of our hemp, as well as the production process from seed to shelf. We also utilize a third-party laboratory in order to ensure each of our CBD products meets the high level of quality we strive to maintain. Through organic growing methods, our farms take their role seriously, in an effort to create a product that benefits our bodies, as well as the earth.

What extraction process do you use?

We use the supercritical CO2 extraction method. This method of extraction is both pure and, most importantly, eco-friendly. Through a combination of advanced extraction techniques, we are able to obtain a complete range of cannabinoids, essential oils, and terpenes, in addition to other phytonutrients. In the end, this tends to yield a potent blend, free of the use of chemical solvents.

Are your CBD products lab tested?

In an effort to provide a consistent product, that's also completely safe and effective, Vibes CBD utilizes third-party labs in order to confirm the quality of our cannabinoid products. In turn, you receive a guarantee that our products are free of chemical solvents, pesticides, herbicides, fungi, mold, heavy metals, and more.

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